Osaka & Osafune

Sorry for the lapse in updates! Between the accident and spending more time off-the grid I haven’t been updating much.

I had been in Osaka for about a week, where I browsed the city and checked out the history museum. What a great place, it’s always interesting to hear the history of other cultures compared to the history of our own. Ate at a few nice restaurants and did find some western culture foods there as well. Great to have a good ole burger from time to time!

I then moved on to where I am now in Osafune, at least that’s what I’m thinking this place is?? Much smaller than Osaka and more laid back. The city sits right on the Yoshi river, with multiple points leading down to a lovely overview of it.

You need to be careful though because I’ve already found myself in a few shady areas along the train tracks by the river. I guess I’ll just say not everyone is as excited to see a tourist as the next may be. Just have some basic street smarts and stay out of a place that may look to be seedy.

There happened to be a sword museum here where they also manufacture custom katanas. Here’s the site’s link if you’re ever in town and want to check it out. With my background in cutlery it is amazing to find such great artistic creations in some of the most unlikely of places. The display of the katanas throughout the room is great plus they try to answer any questions you may on them. Definitely the best part of this town.

Since my journey started in Tokyo I have been moving Westward across the country, had a little setback in Nagoya but am back on the trail. I plan to head to the Western coast of Japan then catch a flight out of either Hiroshima to Nagasaki, spend a little bit of time there and maybe check out the surrounding Islands then I may be saying goodbye to Japan and jumping the water to Seoul South Korea. Let’s just see how things go!