Japan!!!! – Mt. Fuji

Made it! A couple days ago I got to Japan and all I can say is WOW.Mountain Fuji

Flew into Tokyo for the first time. Any city I have ever felt rushed, crowded, or stressed is nothing compared to Tokyo.

Don’t get me wrong it has a ton of stuff! But you had better be ready for a fast lifestyle…the opposite of what I am looking for and what this journey is about.

Anyway, after an hourĀ and a half drive I arrived in the town of Yamanashi.

This place is amazing! A small little town nestled right at the base of the Mount Fuji and with Lake Kawaguchi not too far away.

The sight is amazing!

I have met some interesting people so far as well. Everyone here is so nice.

Believe it or not but the father of the family I am staying with actually is a swordsman and creates custom katana swords. Yep a maker of real ninja weapons. What are the chances of that??? (knowing my previous career was in cutlery)

I plan to hike around the town some more and see how far up Fuji I can get over the next couple days.

Wish me luck!



My Story

White Collar to Wild and Free

A typical day of my old life…

  • Deadlines
  • Ties
  • Demands
  • Cut costs
  • Presentations
  • $10 coffees

These were all daily elements of my life just a couple months ago. I worked as the procurement agent for a global distribution company dealing in cutlery (swords, kitchen knives, and military weapons). A career that started out as a great thing but as I climbed the company ladder the responsibilities increased heavily.

Before I knew it 8 hour days became, 10, then 14, then before I knew it I’d spend 16 hours a day working. Missing out on social gatherings with friends, family birthdays, and anything else that would allow me to enjoy the income I was generating.

It wasn’t until a business trip to Malaga Spain that it hit me as I overlooked the bay from my restaurant table…I spent more time earning money but never enjoying it nor the free, more rewarding, things in life that mother nature so generously offers.

Upon returning home from the Malaga trip I decidedĀ it was time to make a change. I quit my job, rented my house out, donated a large portion of my money, sold my car and most of my possessions and determined I was going to spend the next year traveling the world. I decided to do so with only my laptop, some clothes, and my backpack.

The Objective

I’ve spent the last couple months planning the trip and how I would get from one place to another. I decided that I would hike the majority of my trip yet from time to time would need to catch a plane to get to my further destinations. I will visit the rural beauties of the world as well as the metropolitan foreign cities.

My first stop Mountain Fuji Japan. I will arrive there in the next couple days and will blog when I get the chance. From there I intend to work my way across Asia, eventually into Europe, then back to North America. From there who knows! Only time can tell.

I look forward to this journey and hope you’ll follow along the way!