Who Am I?

Helloooo my friendly followers! Me in Colorado

My name is Jackson,  a free spirit on a mission to backpack across all of Europe, Asia, and the States all while blogging about my experiences along the way. A couple months ago I left my white collar, soul-sucking, demanding lifestyle where I didn’t feel like I was fully appreciating the natural elements of life.

Some would say I’m having a mid-life crisis (though I’m not even middle aged yet) but I call it a mission to live life.

I created this site so that while on my journey I’ll review some of the best & worst hostels, resaurants, tours, and gifts from each location I stay. As well as share some beautiful photography and stories I create.

If you’re wondering where the site name came from I’ll tell you…while on a business trip to Malaga Spain I was prepping for a presentation that could have gained a big client. While running through my prep cards I looked up from my table (happened to be having lunch outside) over the ocean and realized I had been so busy I didn’t take the time to enjoy the beautiful site right in front of me. I spent so much time rushing through life that I never got to truly take it in and enjoy it. I decided then that I was going to change that…I presented my case to the potential client, flew home, then quit my job.

Malaga Spain was the place to wake me up to everything I’ve been missing out on.

I am very excited for my trip and hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Shoot me an email with any suggestions you have on places to go.