Mt. Fuji, Wild Animals, Etc.

Mountains, new friends, and wild animals

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post!

I’ve been off the grid camping up around the base of Fuji. It’s been amazing!

I hooked up with this guided tour with a few other roamers such as myself. What a great time it was. I met a girl from Romania (Anica) who was on a journey such as mine, trying to enjoy the beauty in life as it is, not as we conform it to be.

Another man (Chris) was on a mission to hike Fuji, Kilimanjaro, and Mt Washington. He had said his brother who unfortunately passed away was a huge adventurer and these three mountains were the only ones on his list he had left to hike. In memory of him Chris is hiking each mountain and spreading a little of his brother’s ashes. It is a very emotional yet inspiring story.

Overall the scenery was amazing, the air was pristine, and the company was great!

I’d advise anyone who gets  a chance to take this hike.

Wild Animals

Another one of my adventures the past couple days was something completely new to me.

Sika deer

I’m sure you all have heard of bird watching, but what about Sika deer watching?? Probably not.

One of the individuals on the hike with me had told me about this sport of wearing specialized camo and going into the woods and getting extremely close to wild Sika deer. I bought a pair and went out with him.

I’ve had pigeons and squirrel come up to me in a park because they’re used to humans but never have I been this close to a wild animal in the woods.

It was amazing how this camo (it’s called HECS) made it seem as though I were just a tree standing there.

The deer themselves were beautiful, spotted colored, and very gentile as they walked through the woods scrounging for food. To the right is a photo I snapped of them up close.


It’s been a very interesting week where I experienced some new and previously unheard of things. All in all a great story to add to my journal!


The guide I used:

The camo I used: