Japan!!!! – Mt. Fuji

Made it! A couple days ago I got to Japan and all I can say is WOW.Mountain Fuji

Flew into Tokyo for the first time. Any city I have ever felt rushed, crowded, or stressed is nothing compared to Tokyo.

Don’t get me wrong it has a ton of stuff! But you had better be ready for a fast lifestyle…the opposite of what I am looking for and what this journey is about.

Anyway, after an hourĀ and a half drive I arrived in the town of Yamanashi.

This place is amazing! A small little town nestled right at the base of the Mount Fuji and with Lake Kawaguchi not too far away.

The sight is amazing!

I have met some interesting people so far as well. Everyone here is so nice.

Believe it or not but the father of the family I am staying with actually is a swordsman and creates custom katana swords. Yep a maker of real ninja weapons. What are the chances of that??? (knowing my previous career was in cutlery)

I plan to hike around the town some more and see how far up Fuji I can get over the next couple days.

Wish me luck!